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    The trailer is the foundation of a Tiny House, so it’s important to get the design right! In this video, we talk to our custom trailer manufacturer Ian, from Munford Industries about building a Tiny [More]
    A lot of people ask us about where to park a tiny house. In this video we tour the amazing property where Brett has placed his off-the-grid Tiny House and find out how he came [More]
    At 15 Square meters and completely off-grid, Brett Sutherland has constructed a true, tiny house treasure. Packed with unique, space saving design elements, Brett has created a fantastic space to both live and work. Perhaps [More]
    This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Andrew and his wife, Gabriella, are the creators of “hOMe”, the 207 SF (+110 SF in lofts) modern tiny house [More]
    This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Tiny home, big life. How two twenty-somethings radically rearranged their priorities, downsized their stuff, built tiny, and live big. A [More]
    Brad “Darby” Kittel came to Texas living on a converted school bus. He had planned to write the Great American Novel, but he ended up buying up boarded-up homes and fixing them up using materials [More]
    The tiny house movement is spreading across the country with a focus on dwellings with very small carbon footprint. CBS News’ Carter Evans reports on the growing trend.
    31-year-old Luke Iseman is on a mission to change the way we live by converting shipping containers into small houses. David Begnaud reports.
    Here is a timelapse of Leaf House Version.3, a unique lightweight but still highly insulated tiny house in Whitehorse, Yukon, that uses foam sheathing, open joint siding, and VIP panels for insulation. Please visit www.tinyhousing.ca [More]
    It is definitely a trend today in building micro, tiny houses and there are many and constructive ideas to do it. However, the main issue is about finding a smart way to incorporate as many [More]
    Seven years ago John Wells sold his heavily-mortgaged home in upstate New York and bought 40 acres in West Texas for $8000. The area (Brewster County) is so isolated there are no codes or zoning [More]
    Take a tour of Ella Jenkins’ Tumbleweed Tiny House. Read the full interview on Dunn-Edwards’ specs+spaces blog: http://bit.ly/QG9z06 Video and interview by Kastle Waserman.